High Performing Government

Goal 1: Debt Reduction

In this extremely low interest rate environment, the City of Dubuque had been increasing the use of debt to invest in City infrastructure and economic development and redevelopment. This was a strategic decision by the City Council realizing that infrastructure investment just gets more expensive over time for these reasons: a) the older a piece of infrastructure gets and the more it is allowed to deteriorate increases costs; b) the longer the wait to invest in infrastructure the costs are increased by inflation; and c) If the investment in infrastructure is not made in this low interest rate environment this investment will eventually need to be made when interest rates are higher, thereby increasing costs.

Citizen's Guide

The Citizen’s Guide pulls the entire budget together through visuals, narratives and summaries. It explains the budget, provides revenue, expenditure and personnel summaries and provides the City Council vision, goals and priorities on which the budget is based.